So many believers have gained the wisdom and knowledge needed to teach a course. The problem is, too many don't know how to take the first step to begin creating.

That's where you coach comes in!

Your coach will help:

- Brainstorm

- Outline & Layout

- Bullet-Point Sessions

- Develop the Teachings

- Develop you as a Teacher

- Design your Graphics & Videos

- Build your Audience

- Market your Content

- Sell your Course

- Create additional content to accompany your main course.

You remain the expert in your field, and your coach helps you bring your ideas from a dream to a reality!

Tyler Frick, Founder of The King

Hey! My name is Tyler Frick, and I'm the Founder of The King's Company.

I've personally made the move from a six-figure job in the oil and gas industry into full time teaching & coaching. I'm here to prove to you that it is possible for you to create incredible content and market it to your audience in a profitable way. If Your audience is waiting!

Allow me this opportunity to help you create and launch your content! You'll be working with me 1 on 1 weekly!

I'm the author of the books:

- Prevailing Soul

- Mind Traffic

- Heart of Conviction

- More than Sights and Sounds (Prophetic Processing & Stewardship)

- Five Fold Foundation

I've also created these online courses:

- Mind Traffic 2.0

- Dethroning Stress

- Spiritual Gifts Identifier and Activation

- The Power of Manifold Worship

- Marvelous and Wonderful Dominion

- Unmasking Purpose

- Unmasking Deliverance

- Unmasking the Prophetic

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